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Take toughest scope on the planet and add a low profile capped windage adjustment and the Gseven ballistic compensation system and you have the best long range hunting package available.

The most important features to look for in a long range shooting rifle scope are absolute point of impact and unconditional adjustment tracking and precision. Many rifle scope manufactures try to cloud the issue by touting optical excellence, or some revolutionary ballistic compensation system. However, without mechanical precision and quality control processes to ensure the product delivered is perfect, fancy adjustments and great optical performance are useless.

The first and most important function a rifle scope must perform is precise aiming. If the lens elements shift, or the lens cells don’t fit precisely, the aiming point can shift from the slightest impact. Only Nightforce tests every single rifle scope for off axis point of impact shift along with dozens of other causes of aiming error. If the scope doesn’t pass, it doesn’t ship.

The mechanical precision of the adjustments and gimbal joint determine the scope's tracking and consistency. The scope's internal design and clearances allow precise adjustments for the full range of motion. Watch out for scopes manufactured with inferior materials for these mechanisms. Hardened bronze adjustments will wear prematurely, causing soft click feel. A key indicator is adjustment mechanisms that are unable to offer 20 Minutes of Angle adjustment in one revolution and maintain the precision of ¼ Minute of Angle click adjustments. If it is a 1/3 MOA adjustment per click, it is not a steel on steel adjustment. The G7 5.5-22 has steel adjustments and virtually zero backlash. The best warranty in the business is the one you never have to use.

The G7 scope is a special configuration of the 5.5-22 NXS by Nightforce. We offer a High Speed 20 MOA adjustment with ¼ MOA per click adjustments and a patented zero stop design that doesn’t stretch or damage the adjustment threads. The windage adjustment is low profile and it has a screw on dust cap that will prevent inadvertent movement of the turret in hunting situations. Proven Performance.

Finally, the G7 reticle offers the precision required to compensate for drop and wind deflection. And we have tools that make the compensation for drop and wind perfect and simple. Try the free ballistic calculator to create a drop chart, or order a G7 Ballistic Turret to precisely match your rifle and cartridge. Use this scope with the G7 BR2 rangefinder to shoot in any condition with absolute accuracy.

The smartest ballistic compensation system is the easiest one to use.


G7 5.5-22 IL Riflescope - $2250


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