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With the introduction of the G7 BR2 Rangefinder, it has dramatically changed the world of Ballistic Turrets. In 2006, we patented the RFBC turret featuring customized calibration in yards with the corresponding wind hold in MOA for a 10 mph wind. We used this with the Huskemaw Optics rifle scope. It was a good start. Unfortunately, changes in air density and shot angle can have a dramatic impact on the accuracy of a bullet drop and wind turret. Some companies try to sell multiple turrets to handle air density changes, and angle cosine indicators to offer a rough multiplier for shot angle correction. This works up to a point, but we are after perfection!

The G7 Ballistic Turret combines the universal MOA adjustment scale, with a custom calibration in yards to target. The BT is built to match your cartridge Ballistic Coefficient, Muzzle Velocity and the Altitude and Temperature of your average hunting conditions. We offer a double revolution distance calibration that will get you to 1400 yards and beyond (depending on cartridge and bullet).

For precise correction for variable air density and shot angle, the G7 BR2 outputs a "Shoot To" range or your MOA correction. And most significantly, it will calculate your correct wind hold for your measured shooting conditions--no guessing!

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