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Final Version G7 5.5-22 Reticle

Final Version G7 5.5-22 Reticle - 4/15/2011

 Gunwerks and Gseven have released the final version of the G7 reticle.  It is designed to work with orZ without illumination.  The reticle offers 10 MOA of windage hold in one MOA increments.  The reticle is second focal plain, so the subtension changes with magnification.  The vertical subtensions allow ranging and vertical drift compensation.

For fast shooting situations, the G7 reticle allows precise holdover compensation out to 600 yards.  The reticle baseline is set to subtend correctly at half magnification or 11 power.  The G7 online program can fit the precise magnification for your cartridge.  The lower magnification offers a wider feild of view for faster target aquisition.

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