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 First batch of scopes with the new G7 reticle made it to the shop last week.  It turned out better than expected!  They have already been mounted up on guns, configured and shipped to customers.  It will be tight for a few weeks trying to catch up. Make sure you place an order well in advance of required delivery date!

Gunwerks and Gseven have released the final version of the G7 reticle.  It is designed to work with or without illumination.  The reticle offers 10 MOA of windage hold in one MOA increments.  It also offers a quick hold over reticle to compensate without making turret adjustments.

Here is a sneek peek at the latest product from Gseven.  The MOA scale assists Ultra Long Range shooting scenarios requiring multiple revelutions.  We use the G7 LRBCf hand calculator to get the long range dope, and dial in the compensation.

 The new G7 reticle, featured in the NXS 5.5-22 rifle scope, has been prototyped, and is in final testing.  With a rifle scope reticle, there as several design parameters that must be met.  It needs to be simple, but it also must have all the features required for performance.  The new G7 reticle has more wind hold compensation, and we add a quick hold over, bullet drop compensator for fast shooting at lower power.  There is also a balance for reticle thickness with low light performance and precision shooting.  The initial feedback from the field is positive.

First animal taken with the new G7 5.5-22 rifle scope! Mike Davidson was able to make a precise shot into the setting sun at 925 yards to drop this elk in his tracks. This is the farthest one-shot/first-shot ever filmed by our western crew! Mike said “Without the superb optical performance of the G7 scope, I never could have seen that elk in the shadows because I had to look directly into the setting sun!”

Version 2.1 of the G7 LRBCf is available for installation on your Windows Mobile device. A small calculation error with cosine inputs was corrected, and a few spelling errors were corrected in the bullet data base. The feedback for in the field use has been very positive. The graphical wind inputs and trajectory validation have been very popular features. For bullet drop turret, or ballistic reticle users, the Shoot To range feature calculates your dial setting or aiming mark for any incline or air density conditions.

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