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Long Range Technology

The GSeven system of ballistic compensation is the result of several years of intense development. The unique story behind this development process emanates from the intense field use of the technology by product engineers while filming segments for hunting TV. For us, there is no disconnect between design and the end user--we use and rely on our technology in the field, and we know what works. The features we have included throughout the lineup have real world application, not just marketing value.
What has evolved from years of intensive long range shooting, is a fully featured compensation system that is very simple to operate and extremely precise. The technology has obvious appeal to the novice, but the expert will also greatly enhance his capabilities for all shooting scenarios.
The GSeven system is comprised of three main components, perfect scope technology, innovative ballistic software, and precise ranging capability. Nightforce was selected to manufacture the G7 developed scope configuration. The resulting product benefits from USA quality control in manufacturing and assembly. Because Nightforce has specialized in providing rifle scopes for our military special forces, the G7 configuration is the most impact stable scope available on the market today. Key features include individually indexed and bonded lens elements, precision turned and burnished adjustment screws, and titanium springs. The result is that you will never experience a point of impact shift with a G7 model rifle scope. G7 also builds the custom Ballistic Turrets that precisely match your rifles trajectory. In the G7 riflescope, bombproof design and customized ease of use are combined to create the perfect rifle optic.
Laser Technologies makes very precise professional measurement equipment for law enforcement and forestry. They have made a major breakthrough in their measurement technology that allows very precise measurements at ranges well beyond 2000 yards.   With the G7 patent pending ballistic engine on board, this unit can calculate your ballistic solution as a “Shoot To” range for use with custom BDC turrets or reticles. Just dial or hold the proper range no matter what the conditions. The G7 BR2 rangefinder will be available fall 2010.
The G7 ballistic engine is the unique and precise mathematical formulas or algorithms that drives all of the G7 long range ballistic technology.
Whether online or in the field, the G7 ballistic engine will help you calculate your precise ballistic solution for drop and wind deflection, as well as, advanced calculations for spindrift and Coriolis. Both programs use the same advanced algorithms that drive the function of the G7 5.5-22 rifle scope and the G7 BR2 rangefinder. Features include advanced trajectory validation, calculated Shoot To range for BDC turrets or reticles, multiple wind conditions, and G7 ballistic coefficients. Sign up online for free access, and store all of your favorite loads, you can even print drop charts in full sheet or miniature versions. Or, to use it in the field, get the LRBC installed on a personal PDA by downloading or ordering the program on an SD card. We also offer the program pre installed on a portable handheld computer, ready to go to the field.
GSeven is about making your first shot, in practice, competition or in the hunting field. That’s why all of our products are manufactured to our philosophy “Built For the First Shot”.

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