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The hunting industry is full of over hyped products. There is no overzealous marketing when we claim that the G7 BR2 is the smartest rangefinder in the world.

The G7 BR2 Rangefinder is the only rangefinder that ranges and calculates your ballistic solution for any shooting condition. Here’s how it works. The rangefinder is programmed for several ballistic parameters that are unique to your cartridge and firearm. Ballistic Coefficient, Muzzle Velocity, Sight Height and Zero Range are easily programmed on the device using the four input buttons. When selecting the MOA output mode no other inputs are required. If you are using a ballistic turret or reticle calibrated in yards, the BDC mode is selected and additional inputs for the Altitude and Temperature that the turret or reticle was built to match are entered.

To get your ballistic solution, press and hold the Fire button until the Line of Sight (LOS) range is displayed. As soon as a target is acquired, the sensors on board the BR2 measure the pressure, temperature, and shot angle. The LOS range is displayed for approximately 1.5 seconds while the ballistic computer calculates the firing solution, then it displays the correction in MOA’s (in MOA mode), or the Horizontal Ballistic Range (in BDC mode). For an MOA correction, just dial your scope turret the calibrated amount, or use an MOA reticle to hold the correction. If you are using a ballistic turret or reticle, you would dial your turret (or reticle hold) to the HBR.

For example, LOS range is 743 yards, but the BR2 correcting for air density and shot angle will display a HBR of 675 yards. Just dial the ballistic turret to 675. One button press and one turret dial to range, calculate the ballistic solution, and make the compensation. Nothing is faster or more accurate.

The device also calculates the exact wind hold solution based on your air density and shot angle. Just press a button and scroll through the wind correction in MOA in five mile per hour increments. The wind display calculation is our own patented technology and completes the ballistic solution.

Another unique feature is four distinct targeting modes that enhance target detection in tough light conditions and unsurpassed ranging in rain, snow, and fog. The targeting modes are Nearest Target, Farthest Target, Strongest Target, and Continuous (scan) Ranging. It has never been easier to range an Elk on a slope of burnt timber, or Pronghorn on the rolling plains, or Coyotes on a snow covered field.

The impressive ranging capability comes from Laser Technology, Inc., one of the world’s premier professional measurement companies. New developments in sensor technology along with dozens of other patented technologies give the G7 BR2 eye safe ranging capabilities beyond 2000 yards.



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